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Are you worried about the quality of your water? Looking for ways to improve your family’s health, skin, hair, clothes, and appliances? In the Bay Area, we have hard water. But the hardness varies home by home, and so do the hard water effects.

To improve your water quality, give us a call. We’ll test it and let you know what we find. We’ll sample water from the street and your kitchen to show you the difference. Then, we’ll recommend the right products for your home. If you’d like, you can also call your water company to get the documented levels of chlorine and other minerals.

Depending on your issues, we recommend and install up to three types of systems: water softeners, reverse osmosis, and activated carbon filter. We also offer repair and maintenance services to keep your water quality systems in the best shape possible.

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Water Softener Installation Services

Water softener installation requires three things: access to your main water line, a drain to connect to, and an electrical outlet. Water softening units are weatherproof, so they can be installed indoors or outdoors. And we always want to install them at the entry point of the main water line, before it branches off to other fixtures.

Once installed, your water will flow into the house, flow into the system, get treated, and come out softer. Water softeners have resin beads inside that extract calcium and magnesium. This results in less white buildup in your pipes and on faucets and fixtures throughout your home. After installation, we’ll test your water again so you can see the difference.

Reverse Osmosis Installation Services

Reverse osmosis (RO) filters help improve the taste and smell of your water. We install RO systems under the kitchen sink. Since they come with a separate faucet, we also drill a new hole in your sink top to install it. The RO systems we install are typically three-gallon storage tanks with small, three-stage filter. The result: RO filters give you completely purified water on demand.

Activated Carbon Filter Systems

If you want to remove the chlorine taste and smell from your water, you need an activated carbon filter system. Activated carbon filters out bad smell and improves taste. They can be installed as standalone systems or can be installed alongside a water softener system.

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Bay Water Plumbing Water Softener Reviews

“Super quick and very professional service! We got RO system installed in kitchen and they did entire job including drill in a countertop within 30 mins. It has been working great, without any issue! Highly recommended!”

– Neel S.

“We had purchased our water softener system (Fleck) through Amazon and was installed by our handyman. It never worked. I looked through Yelp and called a few companies. Alvaro was the first one who called me back. He gave me estimated over the phone and came as he promised. He looked at the system, and noticed the problems right away and fixed it. He was very responsive, and familiar with water softener system."

– J. M.

“We used Al to install our water softener and RO system. After doing tons of research, we went with someone local so we could get service if we needed, and build a relationship with a plumber for other work we might need done. Alvaro was easy to contact for questions beforehand, was on time, clean, and thorough at the installation, and even helped with a problem with our backyard spigot. He followed up after to make sure everything was going great with the system. His prices were very competitive, super easy to get along with - highly recommended!”

– Aaron C.

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