Water Leak Repairs

Bay Water Plumbing can fix your water leaks quickly!

When it comes to leaking water pipes in your home, there is a definite need to move quickly to address the problem. If you’re lucky, the leak occurs over a basin/drain of some kind, meaning that you are only in danger of higher water bills. Most of the time, homeowners find that the leak is occurring in some other place inside their home, causing water damage throughout multiple floors and damaging the structure of the home (and let’s not even talk about how quickly mold growth takes hold)!

Leak detection can be even more complicated when it occurs behind walls. In those instances, you may see the leak show up at a particular place in your home, but you don’t realize that it’s actually traveling from somewhere else in your home. Other times, there could be more than one leak occurring, so when it comes to leaking water pipes, it’s what you don’t know that can hurt you the most.

We Can Help With Your Water Leak Concerns!

With Video Inspections We Will Find Leaks Quickly

We use video cameras to look into sanitary sewer system lines, drain lines, and more. We insert cameras through openings, into roof ventilation, toilets, and more to take a closer look to determine the cause of your problems and to isolate certain areas of your system to pinpoint the damage.

Of course, once your leak(s) is detected, we’ll consult with you about what it will take to repair the damage to your pipe (or replace your pipes) and the estimated timeline we’ll need to do so. You’re always in control of the appointment schedule, and we’ll work hard for you.

When a Small Drip Becomes a BIG Problem!

Almost any homeowner has discovered a dripping faucet or toilet supply line, or maybe a small leak in the toilet tank from the gasket or a small drip under the kitchen sink.  No matter how minor these problems seem, leaving them uninspected and unrepaired can lead to big problems.

According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IHBS), two-thirds of all supply system failure insurance claims are the result of a leak or other pipe material failure, over three times the number of claims for frozen pipes.

The IHBS reports the average claim of a drain system failure was $4,400 per incident, and the average claim for a toilet failure was $5,584 per incident. Considering that many homeowner insurance policies do not cover small gradual leaks that are not sudden and unexpected, the cost to identify and repair small leaks in your home seems like the prudent choice. 

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How To Detect A Leak

Is Your Water Bill Higher Than Normal?

How many homeowners have opened a monthly bill only to be surprised or shocked by the amount due? You may rack your brain trying to figure out the reasons, but sometimes you just can’t find one. If you remember a time that your parents accused you of taking showers that are too long or letting the water run while you wash your hands, the truth is that you likely had a slow leak somewhere that was actually to blame.

Has your water bill been going higher without an apparent explanation? Do you have a room that’s unnaturally humid? If you do, you might have a leak somewhere in your water heater or your water pipes. 

Signs That You Have a Leak in Your Home:

In addition to unexplainable water bills, you might notice an “earthy” smell in a particular room or in the basement, a sound of trickling or dripping water (you aren’t crazy), water damage stains on your drywall, mold growth in unexpected rooms, or a floor that has unexplainable puddles (even small ones). These are all signs that there is a leak somewhere.

Much like having a cavity, leaks in a pipe simply do not fix themselves. Do you want to wait to see if the bill continues to escalate and continue to throw away money? And what if you do have an unseen leak? Are you ready to let it go to the point that your home’s structure is water damaged and the mold growth has affected your family’s comfort and breathing? The best move you can make is to address it while the problem is (hopefully) small.