Tips for Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal maintenance tips

A kitchen garbage disposal is one of the handiest appliances you can have at home. Besides making post-dinner cleanups effortless, it also keeps your kitchen smelling fresh. However, if it gets jammed with food particles, the garbage disposal system can quickly become a nightmare, causing your kitchen and home to reek of rotten food.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your garbage disposal in working condition. Read on to learn some
of the best garbage disposal maintenance tips.

Run Water After Use

Every time you use the garbage disposal, make sure to run the water for a few minutes. Turn on the
water while the device chops up the food. Once the grinding noise turns to a soft sound, you can switch
off the device. But don’t turn off the water. Let it run for a few extra seconds to allow any remaining
food particles to flush out from the pipes.

Stick to Using Cold Water

While hot water won’t damage any pipes, it can cause fats and grease to melt. And when they are
melted, they might stick to the blades causing buildup. But using cold water prevents them from
liquifying, which helps keep the device clean for longer.

Avoid Using Hard Foods

Disposals are designed for chopping and grinding food before flushing it out of the pipes. But it is only
suitable for foods that are easily crushed. Using hard foods, such as kernels, seeds, bones, etc., can
cause jams and might even damage the blades. So, one of the best garbage disposal maintenance tips
would be to steer clear of hard foods.

Clean Regularly

Cleaning your garbage disposal regularly is essential to keep it in top shape. However, harsh chemicals
can damage the inside of the appliance. Instead, try using safe cleaners. You can even try a mix of baking
soda and vinegar for occasional cleaning. Another popular method of cleaning is to throw in some rock
salt alongside ice cubes and grind.

Get Your Garbage Disposal System Cleared by Professional Plumbers

While the garbage disposal maintenance tips will surely help you out in prolonging the life of your
appliance, it might still face jams. If you face a similar situation, seek help from a professional plumber

At Bay Water Plumbing, we have a team of professional plumbers that can help clear your garbage
disposal system. Reach out today by calling us at (510) 900 – 9888 or sending us an email at for more details. You can also schedule an appointment with our experts
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