Common Signs and Sources of Water Leaks

Water leaks can cause severe problems in the house and require immediate inspection and repair. This can be caused by multiple issues that require professional attention. If you neglect the water leaks, it could result in significant property damage.

One of the best ways to avoid water leaks is to get regular inspections and maintenance done. Moreover, knowing the common signs of water leaks can also help get immediate help before the problem worsens.

Here are some of the major signs and sources of water leaks in your home:


With time, the plumbing system gets prone to rust and other corrosion. If you notice warping or discoloration on the pipes, it may be the source or a potential cause of water leaks. It is best to get the pipes replaced by a professional plumber to avoid major water leak issues.

Broken Seals

After the appliances are installed in a house, seals are placed around the water connectors by the contractor. These seals are placed on other areas, too, like the dishwasher door. Sometimes, these seals might wear out or break, causing a water leak.

If you notice puddles or condensation on the appliances, the water leak might be caused due to a broken seal.

Supply Line Leaks

Leaks may occur in the water supply line that connects to your house. Finding leaks in the supply line can be challenging since they are buried deep in the ground. However, there are certain signs that can indicate a supply line leak, including:

  • Damp soil along the area or the meter
  • Water gathering in the meter box

If the leak is in the supply line, the local water authority will be responsible for the repairs. However, you have to get the leak repaired if it is between your home and the meter.

Damaged Pipe Joints

The point where the pipes connect is the weakest part of the line. With time, these joints can weaken and deteriorate, resulting in leaks. It is not easy to see the pipe joints, but if there is a banging or tickling noise in the pipes, it could indicate a problem. A skilled plumber can help find the source of the leak in the pipe joints and repair the problem.

General Wear And Tear

Normal wear and tear on the plumbing system can happen over time. This could include pipe corrosion, damaged joint, and excessive water pressure. In many cases, repairing these general wear and tear is easy and quick to do without any severe damage.

Clogged Lines

Most clogged drains usually cause minor inconveniences, but some can result in bursting or overflowing pipes. This can cause more damage to the pipes and appliances, causing severer water damage,

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Water leaks should be immediately repaired as they could otherwise cause severe damage to your home. Our team of skilled plumbers have extensive experience in finding the source of water leaks and repairing the problem. Get in touch with us to get your water leak problems fixed immediately.