5 Dangers of a Gas Leak

Danger of a gas leak

Few people pay enough attention to gas leaks around their houses partially because they’re hard to detect. However, contact a plumbing service immediately if you discover a funky smell around your house, mainly from your toilet, stove, water heater, or other gas-using appliances.

This blog post discusses five dangers of a gas leak that you must not ignore.

5 Dangers of a Gas Leak

Here are the five dangers of a gas leak that can massively harm the life around you.

1. Skin and Eyes Irritation

You can also use this danger as a sign of a gas leak nearby. Since the natural gas supplied in our houses contains a myriad of strong compounds, they can irritate sensitive areas of our bodies. Your eyes and skin are the most exposed sensitive parts; therefore, you’ll feel slight irritation that might progress later if there’s a gas leak in your house.

2. Increased Risk of Explosion

Gas leaks aren’t a child’s play kind of situation. Not only are the compounds in natural gas hazardous, but they are also explosive. Therefore, whenever you light up a match near a gas leak, you increase the risk of explosion around the house. Even if you suspect a gas leak around your house, consider calling a plumbing service for a check. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

3. Inhaling Toxic Compounds

The effects of a natural gas leak due to toxic compounds such as carbon monoxide aren’t limited to topical irritation. Instead, these compounds can harm your internal systems if you inhale them. Nausea, fatigue, and headache are some of this issue’s most common symptoms, which may recur even after treatment if the leak source isn’t fixed.

4. Lethal for Animals

Do you have pets around the house? Natural gas can be lethal for them. Pets are susceptible to carbon monoxide, and you can immediately feel them becoming lethargic. Seizures, suffocation, and vomiting are some more muscular symptoms you might observe. Hence, until the leak is fixed, consider finding a new home for your furry friends.

5. Toxic for the Environment

Animals and humans aren’t the only species harmed by natural gas toxins. If you have plants around your house, you’ll also observe the dangers of a gas leak around them. Since the amount of toxic compounds increases in the air, your plants might undergo chlorosis, losing their color. As the situation worsens, your plants may also die.

Call Bay Water Plumbing for Fixing Gas Leaks

It would help if you didn’t ignore the dangers of a gas leak, as these dangers surround you, your family, your pets, and your plants. Moreover, the risk of explosion isn’t limited to your house only; it can also affect your neighborhood. If you detect a gas leak around your home and reside in the East Bay Area, call Bay Water Plumbing. Our gas leak repair services are renowned around the area as we offer the best, most affordable, and most timely solutions to our clients.

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