Got Noisy Pipes? How to Quiet Your Bay Area Home’s Plumbing

Contact a professional Bay Area plumber for inspection and repairs to restore peace and quiet

Hearing banging, hissing, or high-pitched squealing from your Bay Area home’s plumbing? Noisy pipes not only disrupt your household when they bang and whistle, but they could signal larger problems within your plumbing system.

Our licensed plumbers often get calls to diagnose and quiet noisy pipes, which are sometimes referred to as water hammer. Here are some of the common causes of noisy pipes and how you can silence the racket.

Worn Washers and Seals

The washers and seals inside faucets and valves can become worn, warped, or mineral-clogged over time. This allows them to vibrate and click when water flows through. Replacing old washers and seals with new ones can often quiet the noise. Our plumbers have access to a wide selection of replacement washers, seals, and stems for common fixture brands.

Loose Pipes

Pipes that aren’t properly secured may rattle or bang against framing or walls. This happens most often on supply lines connecting sinks, toilets, and appliances. If you hear rattling near a fixture, try snugging up any loose pipe brackets or fittings. For pipes inside walls, call us to inspect and refasten any connections that have come loose.

Mineral Buildup

Hard water deposits and mineral buildup inside pipes restrict water flow, leading to pressure spikes that can cause banging or hammering noises. A whole house descaling treatment or drain cleaning can remove the blockages. Installing water softeners also prevents future mineral deposits.

Worn Toilet Valves

Toilets with worn flapper valves, fill valves, or refill tubes make a hissing sound as water continuously runs through. Listen for this near the toilet tank. The valves are inexpensive to replace by a Bay Water Plumbing technician. Doing so stops the noise and saves gallons of water.

Trap Vibration

P-traps under sinks connect to drain tailpieces via slip joints, which can loosen over time and cause gurgling sounds. Tightening the slip nuts or replacing worn gaskets may help. For stubborn trap noise, we recommend replacing old P-traps entirely.

Air in Pipes

Air trapped in plumbing lines or a lack of a proper air gap in fixtures can make gurgling sounds. This often happens after repairs or replacements. Running taps until the air is expelled and checking for proper fixture air gaps can remedy this issue. We have full experience with diagnosing and fixing air-in-line problems.

Don’t tolerate disruptive noisy pipes – contact Bay Water Plumbing to schedule an inspection. Our technicians will diagnose the cause and recommend solutions. We service plumbing systems throughout the Bay Area to optimize water efficiency and comfort in your home.

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