Get Your Plumbing Prepped for Back-to-School Routines

Use these plumbing maintenance tips to assist you with the back-to-school season

Summer is winding down, and Bay Area families are gearing up for another school year. As mornings become a new struggle of trying to get the kids fed, dressed, and out the door on time, your home’s plumbing will inevitably feel the effects of this busy schedule. Avoid plumbing hassles with these tips to get your pipes prepared for increased water usage when school is in session.

Clear Clogged Drains

With extra use of sinks, showers, and appliances, clogged drains become more likely when school is in session. Having natural drain cleaners available can help you safely clear slow-flowing drains and prevent complete blockages. Enzyme-based products are an eco-friendly option that breaks down organic material gradually without harsh chemicals. You can also try baking soda and vinegar – just pour baking soda down the drain, follow with vinegar, and let the fizzy reaction work through the gunk. Boiling water is another simple solution for clearing minor buildup. Prevent future clogs by using drain strainers and adjusting garbage disposal usage. Avoid chemical cleaners that can corrode pipes over time.

Inspect For Leaky Pipes

Undetected leaks may seem harmless but can lead to water damage, higher bills, and mold growth if left unaddressed. Thoroughly inspect all plumbing fixtures and supply lines before school starts. Check under cabinets for water spots, examine faucets and showerheads for drips, and look for tank sweating or pooling water around toilets. By catching minor leaks now, you can prevent major headaches later.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Routine plumbing check-ups by our licensed technicians at Bay Water Plumbing help keep your whole system working properly. Schedule maintenance before your daily routine gets too hectic. Our plumbers can make repairs, identify issues early, improve efficiency, and ensure your plumbing is school-ready. Call us today for a free estimate on full-service plumbing in your home!

Upgrade Faulty Fixtures

If certain faucets, showerheads, or toilets in your home need frequent repairs, it may be time for a replacement. New low-flow models use less water while still delivering strong pressure. Touchless faucets and flush valves also reduce germ transmission – a plus for cold season!

Avoid Clogs When Meal Prepping

When making your lunches and snacks, it’s important to avoid pouring oils, fats, or large food scraps down your drain. These items can accumulate and cause blockages. Instead, wait for grease to cool and solidify before disposing of it. To limit the amount of food particles that go down your sink, scrape your dishes instead of rinsing them. Additionally, it’s helpful to use drain screens and be mindful of your garbage disposal usage. Proper waste disposal is key to preventing plumbing mishaps.

With preparation, your plumbing can handle the new schedules of back-to-school season. Contact Bay Water Plumbing anytime for drain cleaning, repairs, upgrades, and other services to optimize your home’s pipes. Our team serves families across the Bay Area!

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