Spooky Sewer Sounds: What’s That Noise Coming From Your Plumbing?

Spooky sounds may be coming from your home’s plumbing this Halloween season.

As Halloween approaches, your home’s plumbing can make strange gurgling, knocking, wheezing, and whistling sounds enough to make your hair stand on end! But while these eerie noises may give you a fright, most of the time they are no cause for alarm. Contact Baywater Plumbing if you have any persistent eerie plumbing noises or issues this spooky season! Our licensed professionals can inspect your plumbing and get to the bottom of any unexplained sounds. Call today to schedule affordable drain cleaning or plumbing services and keep your home running smoothly.

Gurgling or Bubbling

  • Gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from sinks and toilets are some of the most common creepy plumbing noises. They are caused by air pockets forming in the wastewater drainage pipes.
  • These bubbling sounds typically indicate proper drainage and ventilation. A few gurgles when water goes down the drain are normal.
  • However, loud, excessive, or forceful bubbling could signal a bigger blockage issue in the drain or sewer line. Large clogs can force air and water to bubble up through the pipes.
  • Persistent gurgling or bubbling, especially when accompanied by slow drainage, points to a partial clog. Call a professional plumber if you have excessive gurgling noises or notice water draining sluggishly.

Knocking or Clanging

  • Knocking or rattling sounds coming from pipes are often caused by water pressure and flow through the plumbing system.
  • As water is turned on or off, pressure changes cause vibrations and movement in the pipes, which can lead to loud knocking or clanging.
  • Hot and cold water running through pipes causes expansion and contraction, making pipes knock or clang against studs or joists.
  • These sudden, loud banging noises may be alarming but are no cause for concern unless accompanied by other issues like leaks.

Hissing or Whooshing

  • Hissing or whooshing sounds frequently come from toilet valves and water supply lines.
  • As the toilet tank refills after flushing, pressure is released through the fill valve, creating a hissing noise. Excess calcium buildup can cause louder, prolonged hissing.
  • Loose fittings, washers, or gaskets on supply lines can also release pressure, causing noticeable whooshing when water is turned on or off.
  • If the hissing or whooshing is excessive, have a plumber inspect and replace any faulty toilet valves or supply line fittings.

Wheezing Pipes

  • An ominous wheezing or whistling sound may come from sink drains when air is forced through a partially clogged drainpipe.
  • Grease, soap scum, hair, and other debris can form minor clogs that constrict airflow, leading to a wheezing whistle.
  • Rodent nests or infestations that block vent pipes can also cause restriction and strange wheezing.
  • A thorough plunging or snaking of the drain can usually dislodge minor clogs and stop the wheezing.

Don’t let sewer sounds invoke too much terror this Halloween! Contact Baywater Plumbing for help with any persistent eerie plumbing noises or issues this spooky season. Our licensed professionals are here to inspect your plumbing and get to the bottom of any unexplained sounds.

Call today to schedule affordable drain cleaning or repiping services!

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